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Popzara Podcast E5.03 Ludeme Games Talks Chess 2

Popzara Podcast E5.03 Ludeme Games Talks Chess 2

Cory talks with Zac Burns from Ludeme Games about his controversial indie game, Chess 2: The Sequel.

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From strategy to entertainment to conflict resolution, the game of chess has weathered time and controversy, surviving all challenges – and challengers. But what if the very core of the game could be improved?

Editor Cory Galliher talks to Ludeme Games’ Zac Burns, creator of Chess 2: The Sequel, about the ups and downs of indie game development. It’s a rough road, to be sure, but just how rough could it be? Find out more, along with insight about game-balancing guru David Sirlin than you’d ever want to know. It’s anything but a stalemate.

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