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Author Jon Morris Talks Regrettable Superheroes

Author Jon Morris Talks Regrettable Superheroes

Nathan talks with author Jon Morris about Guardians, Goblins, and other Regrettable Superheroes that time (almost) forgot.

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Notoriety, respect, and staying power in the comic world is like any other high-profile position; for every qualified applicant there’s at least a dozen challengers that, for better or worse (but mostly better) time has forgotten. When everything clicks you’ve got classic characters like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and practically every new entrant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When not, well, you’ve got heroes like Robotman and Fatman the Human Flying Saucer.

On this heroic episode of the Popzara Podcast we’ve got Jon Morris, founder of the long-running Gone & Forgotten, a blog “dedicated to the bottom of the comic book barrel” about his new book The League of Regrettable Superheroes: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History, out now from Quirk Books.

When you’ve got *ahem* forgotten personalities like Pow-Girl, Mr. Muscles, and a team of multi-culti heroes fighting AIDS-infected goblins and cocaine-addicted villains, what’s left to say? As it turns out, plenty, and you’ll never look at the Guardians of the Galaxy or Howard the Duck the same way again. Isn’t that right, Ant-Man?

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