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Popzara Podcast E.52 NPD December 2014 Sales Numbers and Analysis

Popzara Podcast E.52 NPD December 2014 Sales Numbers and Analysis

Nathan and Grayson analyze the NPD’s sales estimates for both December 2014 and the year-end tallies.

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As 2014 came to a close all eyes – and fingers – were pointing to their respective console-of-choice for last minute bragging rights. Be they fans of Sony’s PlayStation and Vitas, Microsoft Xboxes, or any of Nintendo’s Wii or 3DS iterations, there was plenty to go around. And, boy oh boy, did they get around in 2014.

To help close out one of the most interesting years on record for the gaming industry, editors Nathan Evans and Grayson Hamilton once again take up the mantle of your NPD sales and estimate analysts supreme, looking not just at the best-selling game consoles and Top Ten software lists for December 2014, but the year-end tallies as a whole. Sure, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare took the crown (big surprise), but there were plenty of surprises and shockers to be had for all. From Destiny to Super Smash Bros, there were more than enough heavy hitters to help close out the year with a bang.

So just who bested who and what may that portend for 2015 as a whole? Listen now for the who, what, when, where, and – lest we forget – the why. This should be good.

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