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Popzara Podcast E.164 Faux Outrage: Mafia 3 + Trigger Warnings

Popzara Podcast E.164 Faux Outrage: Mafia 3 + Trigger Warnings

Cory, Nate, and Anton talk cautionary warnings and hypocrisy in games and beyond; you’ve been warned.

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Trigger warnings; they’ve been a popular feature around these parts lately. The science of cognitive neurolinguistics has proven naughty words are part of our brain’s internal workings, and yet some still feel people need protection from the potentially damaging effects of words and ideas.

This is on full display in 2K Games’ Mafia III, a GTA clone that follows Lincoln Clay, a mixed-race Vietnam War veteran battling both the mob and racism in 1960s New Orleans. It’s an M-Rated game that treats adult-aged players to a preliminary message about the carnage and social injustice they’re about to experience: a trigger warning.

In this scandalous episode of the Popzara Podcast social mavericks Cory Galliher, Nathan Evans, and super special guest-star Anton A. Hill from YouTube/podcast #VerticalSlice bravely wade into the expected ‘controversy‘ of racial intolerance, patronizing walking simulators, overreach from Hollywood duds Ghostbusters and The Birth of a Nation, and the continuing hypocrisy of those preaching – but not practicing – real diversity and inclusion.

It’s a hot-button conversation that’s bound to make someone, somewhere out there at least marginally upset. But you probably knew that already, didn’t you?

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