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Popzara Podcast E.148 Georgia Dunn Talks Breaking Cat News Comics

Popzara Podcast E.148 Georgia Dunn Talks Breaking Cat News Comics

Nathan chats with syndicated cartoonist / illustrator Georgia Dunn about the creative chaos behind Breaking Cat News.

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From Jim Davis’ lasagne-loving Garfield to George Gately’s trashcan-kicking Heathcliff or Berkeley Breathed’s narcotically-inclined Bill the Cat, there’s no shortage of our favorite fanged friends on the comic pages.Joining this crack clowder of comic kitties is a relative newcomer to scene: Breaking Cat News, which follows cats reporting on the news that matters to cats.

On this purrfect episode of the Popzara Podcast our own feline-loving editor Nathan Evans chats with syndicated cartoonist, illustrator, and multi-tasking mom Georgia Dunn, author of the first collection of Breaking Cat News funnies, Breaking Cat News: Cats Reporting On The News That Matters To Cats, out now from Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Apart from the genesis and inspiration behind the Breaking Cat News comic strip, the two nerd out about their shared love of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts, the exclusivity and return of Bill Watterson, and how there will never be enough cats on the internet. Never!

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