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Filmmaker Robert McCallum Talks Nintendo Quest, Retro Gaming

Filmmaker Robert McCallum Talks Nintendo Quest, Retro Gaming

Grayson talks with filmmaker Robert McCallum about game collecting in his new documentary Nintendo Quest.

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Think you’ve got the biggest video game collection? Think you can hang with the most obsessive collectors? You might have your work cut out for you; as the star of the new documentary Nintendo Quest, Jay Bartlett sets off on a road trip with a simple, yet daunting task: to purchase all 678 official games released for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, known to millions as the beloved NES.

In this retro-styled edition of the Popzara Podcast our own collectible enthusiast Grayson Hamilton sits down with director and filmmaker Robert McCallum about the genesis of the documentary, obsessions, and what he and Jay learned about the fine art of video game collecting along the way. Like Jay and that impossible-to-find cartridge, you don’t wanna miss this one!

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