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Voice Actress Ellen McLain Talks Winning Dad, GLaDOS

Voice Actress Ellen McLain Talks Winning Dad, GLaDOS

Grayson talks with the voice of GLaDOS herself, Ellen McLain about Winning Dad, Portal, and cake.

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In this triumphant episode of the Popzara Podcast our own teleporting scientist Grayson Hamilton talks with the iconic, haunting voice of Portal’s GLaDOS herself, Ellen McClain!

Despite her reputation as a disembodied, homicidal AI Ellen befriends Grayson as they talk about Winning Dad, Arthur Allen’s emotional family-driven independent film about acceptance between a father and son amidst prejudice against gay culture and marriage equality.

Come mystify your ear buds as the sweet voice of GLaDOS herself comes off sounding… well, pretty damn lovable actually. The cake is moist and sweet; it’s waiting for you because you’re (somehow) still alive.

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