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Journalist Dean Takahashi Talks Trump Ban, Responsible Politics

Journalist Dean Takahashi Talks Trump Ban, Responsible Politics

Nathan speaks with gaming journalist Dean Takahashi about the right time, place, and rationale behind responsible protest and dissent.

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On today’s contemplative episode of the Popzara Podcast our own chief executive Nathan Evans speaks with veteran games journalist Dean Takahashi, author of a recent VentureBeat op-ed entitled “Should You Bring Up Trump’s Travel Ban Politics at a Video Game Award Event?” Takahashi posited – and seemed to answer – the question whether it was permissible, even desirable, for industry insiders to voice dissent over President Donald Trump’s controversial Executive Order 13769, which limited immigration and travel from seven Muslim-dominant countries at award shows like the 2017 DICE Awards.

The talk, which took place, appropriately, just prior to the 89th Academy Awards, the film industry’s annual celebration of itself – and frequent platform for encouraging dissent from its podium. Takahashi makes the case the gaming industry should make similar outreach efforts against those actions they find troubling, while Nathan cautions against encouraging the uninformed and the vital importance of responsible reporting.

It’s a lively discussion that strikes balance between political activism and responsible journalism, and how some developers are tackling sensitive subject matter head-on via efforts like Bury Me, my love and We Are Chicago. Also referenced is Takahashi’s heartfelt missive detailing how his family was personally affected by the actions of President Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066, which led to the internment of innocent Americans.

Regardless where you stand politically, thoughtful and engaging conversation is always appropriate – and welcome here.

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