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Nintendo Labo: The Future is Cardboard

Nintendo Labo: The Future is Cardboard

Cory and Nia literally go hands-on with Nintendo’s foldable, recyclable future of gaming accessories.

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In this corrugated episode of the Popzara Podcast our own DIY expert editors Cory Galliher and Nia Bothwell go hands-on – literally – with the most hands-on gaming accessory yet. The Japanese gaming giant known for creative dalliances with yarn, clay, and knitting machines (seriously) have released their zaniest, and possibly sanest project yet with the Nintendo Labo. After years of stuttering gimmicks like 3D and virtual reality it looks like the future of gaming just may be something we’ve had around all along: cardboard.

That’s right. Cardboard. While the convergence of electronic tech and cardboard isn’t new (note: Google’s Cardboard VR, anyone?), none have been so instantly accessible or lovable as Labo. Cory and Nia go in-depth with Nintendo’s foldable accessory for the Switch, assembling and snapping together a host of Toy-Con magic that transform  recyclable paper product into totally usable robots, race cars, fishing rods, pianos, and so much more.

So many questions! Does Labo herald a new direction for gaming/STEM collaborations? Will it encourage gamers to put down their plastic controllers and take up origami? Is it even possible to ‘break’ a cardboard accessory? All this and more, and why parents should expect game-time with the kids to get a whole lot more interactive. Just don’t forget the tape – you’ll need plenty!

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