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Game Composer Jesse C. Harlin Talks Yoku’s Island Express, Yeast DNA

Game Composer Jesse C. Harlin Talks Yoku’s Island Express, Yeast DNA

Nia talks with game composer Jesse C. Harlin about Yoku’s Island Express, Star Wars, and musical yeast.

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On this euphonious episode of the Popzara Podcast our own melodious Nia Bothwell welcomes game composer and interactive music director Jesse C. Harlin into the auditorium. With an impressive career spanning nearly two decades of scoring everything from Star Wars (both RPG and dancing varieties) to 2K’s Mafia III to directing his own pieces with the London Philharmonic, Jesse wears the title of game composer loud and proud.

Today he’s here to talk about his latest work: providing music for the adorable new platform adventure Yoku’s Island Express, now available for PC and consoles. Get ready for a cuteness overload!

Nia helps listeners trace Jesse’s prolific career scoring multiple heavy-hitters for LucasArts (hint: Star Wars!) to discovering his place in the emerging world of game soundtracks. The two also take a look at what it’s like balancing the needs of the musician with family life, making a living as a freelance composer, as well as the surprising influence of legendary German electronica group Tangerine Dream and Massive Attack on the music for Yoku’s Island Express. Can the DNA of yeast really be used to help make great music? You’ll learn all about that, too.

Want more info on Jesse C. Harlin or hear samples of his work? Head over to Dunderpate Music for the good stuff. Want to hear from him right now? Just press play and listen – couldn’t be easier!

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