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DOOM Switch: One Hell of a Fantastic Port

DOOM Switch: One Hell of a Fantastic Port

Nate and special guest Ryan Brown talk Bethesda’s once-impossible port of DOOM for the Nintendo Switch.

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On this nightmarish episode of the Popzara Podcast our doomed space marine Nathan Evans recruits our tormented friend from across the pond, The Mirror’s Ryan Brown, who once again braves the hellfire of eternity to discuss a game whose very existence was once thought impossible: id Software’s DOOM on the Nintendo Switch. Don’t laugh: not only does this generation’s best, slickest, and most intense first-person shooter actually run on Nintendo’s hybrid console, it does a pretty great job doing it.

When you’re done reading through Ryan’s review of the game take a listen as the guys talk about the historical significance of the iconic shooter, the insanely received 2016 reboot that shocked the heck out of everyone, and how taking Bethesda’s gore-filled splatterfest mobile makes all the difference in the world. Is DOOM Switch a perfect port of the landmark game? Not quite, but it’s good enough, and that might make all the difference.

Also included are personal reflections about the long-running franchise, some well-placed potty humor, and rank speculation what a technological accomplishment may hold for developers who might view the Switch in an entirely different light. A hellish light, you might say!

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