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Disney’s Captain Marvel: Ginger Cats and Mostly Marvelous

Disney’s Captain Marvel: Ginger Cats and Mostly Marvelous

The Popzara crew assembles to talk and discuss Captain Marvel, female firsts, and adorable ginger cats.

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Disney’s Captain Marvel is many things to many people, and much more than just the 21st entry in the long-running Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It’s the studios’ first female-fronted superhero film, the first prequel, and the first to co-star a fabulous scene-stealing ginger cat. There’s a lot more firsts hidden within a film that deftly mixes action, comedy, characters, and a sweet 90s-era grunge rock soundtrack. Did we mention there’s a ginger cat?

In this largely unspoiled episode of the Popzara Podcast you’ll discover most of these secrets and more. For this, we’ve assembled our own team of superhero editors to talk and discuss Captain Marvel, with Nate “Fury” Evans, Christian Stirling, Annette Palmer, and Ethan Brehm all reporting for duty. Let’s get to it!

How does Oscar-winning Brie Larson handle her triple role as the military soldier Vers, fighter pilot Carol Danvers, and – eventually – the retconned original “Avenger” Captain Marvel? Pretty well, though she’s aided by a de-aged Samuel L. Jackson, having more fun in a Marvel movie than ever as a younger, eyepatch-less Nick Fury and the adorable ginger cat Goose.

Does Marvel’s latest superhero epic fit comfortably within the always-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, and does it work as a solo-superhero blockbuster? Does one need to have seen all (or most) of the previous 20 other Marvel movies to fully enjoy, let alone understand, what’s happening on screen between all those explosions? Can fans expect Easter eggs from other movies sprinkled throughout? And just how many Top Gun references are there, anyway?

Is Captain Marvel ready to take the lead and help save the Avengers from certain doom? We’ll have to wait until Avengers: End Game hits theaters to find out for sure, but listen now for a taste of the answers you probably know already. Also – be on the lookout for what may be the greatest homage to the late Stan Lee yet. Excelsior!

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