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Director Joseph Procopio Talks eHero and Competitive Gaming

Director Joseph Procopio Talks eHero and Competitive Gaming

Nia talks competitive gaming and spirit animals with the director of the eSports underdog drama, eHero.

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On this 1337 episode of the Popzara Podcast our own Nia “Lady Terror” Bothwell goes PvP with director Joseph Procopio about eHero, his breakthrough film that looks at the fast-growing world of competitive gaming through the eyes of Tyler Conway, a troubled 22-year old hotshot who becomes an overnight eSports sensation. To succeed, Tyler must learn to play an entirely different kind of game; balancing his swelling ego against the needs of his teammates. It’s an underdog tale for a new generation of sports – and sports fans.

Nia and Joseph take listeners on a guided tour of the film’s genesis, including what games inspired the creative process, turning filmmaking into a family affair, working with legendary actor Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, The Goonies), finding his voice in the YouTube generation, the thematic similarities to The Karate Kid (with nods to its recent spinoff, Cobra Kai), and even a shared love for spirit animals.

So put down the controller and get ready to plug into the world of eSports and eHero; it’s just like Rocky, only with fewer pugilists and more pixels.

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