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Death Stranding: Kojima’s Delivery Service

Death Stranding: Kojima’s Delivery Service

Cory and Herman deliver packages and attempt to decipher the mysterious of Kojima’s latest.

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On this byzantine episode of the Popzara Podcast our own special couriers Cory Galliher and Herman Exum grab the popcorn and controllers to talk and explore Death Stranding, the latest game from acclaimed videogame producer Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid). Join Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus) on his star-studded journey as he explores and reconnects the broken fragments of a future America the only way he knows how: by delivering packages from sea to murky seas.

Being a game from Hideo Kojima, however, nothing is what it seems – yet everything is still someone what it seems. Listen as Cory and Herman discuss everything from the game’s most exciting and divisive features, what fans can expect from Kojima’s first non-Konami game in decades, and just how close he’s come to making an interactive movie. Listen as they attempt to build metaphorical bridges and try to hold “tomorrow in our hands” as this strange new world of delivery men and babies is fully explored.

So how does Death Stranding stand up against 2019’s other heavy-hitters? Just what side you’ll fall on will be, like everything else about the game, entirely dependent on your threshold for melodrama and eccentricity. Is it possible for a highly admired, yet undeniably egocentric, video game producer succeed in crossing over into the world of legitimate filmmaking? These questions and more will be debated, argued and possibly even agreed upon right now.


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