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Cryptozoologist Linda S. Godfrey Talks New Monsters and Ancient Lore

Cryptozoologist Linda S. Godfrey Talks New Monsters and Ancient Lore

Nate talks with author Linda S. Godfrey about upright dog women, little people and their love of Bigfoot.

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Our guest on this mythical episode of the Popzara Podcast is acclaimed cryptozoologist, author and investigator of strange creatures Linda S. Godfrey to talk with Nathan Evans about her latest collection of incredible sightings and encounters with unknown nature in I Know What I Saw: Modern-Day Encounters with Monsters of New Urban Legend and Ancient Lore, available now from TarcherPerigee.

From Cyclops to Creepypasta, spirit cats to pukwudgies, it’s an epistolary journey of stories and research detailing the growing number of witchy werewolves, cannibal dwarves, spook pooches, dire dogs and enough animal-human hybrids to make Dr. Moreau jealous.

You already know classic cryptids (hidden or unknown animals) like the Loch Ness monster (“Nessie” to her friends) and Bigfoot, but get ready to learn about a whole new class of urban legends like the Oglala Deer Woman, Watts Valley Wolf Apes, Ohio Manwolves, and mysterious teen-grandpas. Other curiosities include human-dog chimera pups, dog ladies, the Oshkosh Gnome King and the Legend of the Haunchies.

Nathan and Linda also discuss key differences between “folklore” and “myths, how our inbred love of “the unknown” can influence cultural perceptions of monsters, the incredible diversity of Wisconsin canine creatures, a shared love for all-things Godzilla, and, naturally, the never-ending glut of Bigfoot movies. Lots and lots of Bigfoot movies. Keep an open-mind and you just might find your next obsession – unless it finds you first!

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