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Composer Joel Corelitz Talks Gorogoa, Game Music, and Inspiring Emotions

Composer Joel Corelitz Talks Gorogoa, Game Music, and Inspiring Emotions

Nia talks with the composer of Gorogoa about game soundtracks, inspirations, and beautiful spiders.

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On this melodically challenging episode of the Popzara Podcast our own Nia Bothwell talks with BAFTA-nominated composer Joel Corelitz about his latest project, the imaginative puzzle-based picture game Gorogoa. Much like the perspective-challenging puzzles of the game itself, Joel shares the art of composing music and the creative process necessary to find the right pieces that “fit” (hint: this involves throwing stuff at the wall until it sticks!).

Together, Nia and Joel discuss the art of building the music around videogame soundtracks, blending classical compositions with modern synthetic sensibilities in games as diverse as The Tomorrow Children, Pulse, and others. He talks about growing up with Nintendo’s Metroid and how open-world concepts inspired him to create synthetic sounds and compositions.

He explains how a proper understanding of music can be tangible, yet still elusive, helping to inspire emotions that would otherwise go left unexpressed. One need only experience the short film LOOM, in which Joel’s score highlights how the simple act of a spider consuming a moth can be interpreted as a lover’s embrace. Much like Joel’s beautiful compositions, it’s a conversation worth listening to.

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