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CES 2021 Wrap-Up: 8K Displays, Laptop Revivals, Processor Wars, Smart Masks, and Touchless Toilets

CES 2021 Wrap-Up: 8K Displays, Laptop Revivals, Processor Wars, Smart Masks, and Touchless Toilets

A look at the upcoming tech, gadgets, and more from the first virtual-only CES showcase.

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It’s the world’s biggest technology showcase…online! That’s right, the yearly event abbreviated simply to CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has gone virtual, and our own Herman Exum and Nate Evans are joined by frequent (and favorite!) guest Ben Crossman from Computer America to talk, discuss, and ponder the long-running tradeshow’s first (and hopefully only) foray into a virtual-only space and what tech hungry fans can expect from the future of gizmos, gadgets and doodads.

The guys talk everything from 8K OLED displays from TCL, Sony, and LG, microLED (again) from Samsung, AI-powered screens, next-gen processors from Intel and AMD, new GPUs from Nvidia, rollable phones, the return of Panasonic, biometric fitness, and digital dashboards from Mercedes-Benz. Curious about what’s next for dual-screen and 2-in-1 convertibles? How about E Ink laptops and low-light color displays? We got those, too.

But there’s more! Stay tuned for a wild look at the more bizarre side of CES, which translates surprisingly well to the virtual-only format. From instant ice cream makers, caffeinated chewing gum, touchless toilets and sinks, as well as the inevitable deluge of “clean tech” devices designed to exploit help combat the COVID-19 pandemic like RGB-lit smart masks, portable air purifiers, UV lamps, and enough social distance “enforcers” to help you avoid annoying people wearing social distance enforcing tech.

So can an online-only CES replace the real thing? Not really, as it’s clear the world of technology – and those who cover it professionally – desperately need the physical closeness and personal touch that only the real thing can provide. But as the world continues to struggle and triumph against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all doing our part to bring a little bit of normality to where its desperately needed. Let’s just hope next year’s show is able to bring back the crowds – literally.

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