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CES 2020: The Best, Worst, and Everything Else

CES 2020: The Best, Worst, and Everything Else

A look at the best, worst, and (just about) everything else shown at the first CES of the roaring 20s.

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It’s the Consumer Electronics Show! Or, as our dearly good friends at The Consumer Technology Association mandate suggest, simply CES! What better way to help ring in the numerically redundant year 2020 than braving the mean streets of Las Vegas to bring anxious listeners the best, worst, and everything else that the world’s biggest tech extravaganza had to offer.

Popzara’s own Herman Exum, Nathan Evans and – thanks to carefully crafted notes and pre-show chats – senior editor Chris Mitchell are joined, once again, by super special guest Ben Crossman from The Computer America Show as they gather around their microphones to talk and discuss the technological spectacle that was CES 2020.

From tomorrow’s tech to yesterday’s leftovers, there was something for just about everyone vying for mainstream appeal – and television coverage. TVs and computer monitors have never been bigger (or as silky-smooth) while laptops are finally embracing their upgrade potential. Gaming was bigger than usual as eSports and streaming were just about everywhere, as was smart home automation for nearly every aspect of your offline lives. And you better like technology that folds, because there sure was a lot of it promising a better space-saving future for your precious pockets and purses.

Adult sex tech mixing it up with vegetation-friendly fridges? Will 2020 finally be the year that futuristic sounding formats like 8K and 5G make two-letter upgrades sound cool? Will anything shown on the showroom floor actually make it retail shelves? Listen now for most of these answers right now – because tomorrow’s technology is today!

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