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CES 2019: The Best, Worst and All The Tech

CES 2019: The Best, Worst and All The Tech

An inside look at the best, worst and everything else that happened during 2019’s biggest electronic show.

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The world’s biggest electronic show may be over and done with – but we’re not! That’s right: CES 2019 is finished but our own tech heads Herman Exum and Chris Mitchell braved the Las Vegas streets (and mega hotels) to see, touch and play with as much of tomorrow’s technological magic as they could. But CES is simply too massive for any one person (or outlet) to cover by themselves, so we’ve drafted good friend and frequent guest Ben Crossman, host of the Computer America Show.

So what exactly did they see? Why, nothing less than the future of technology – or what the biggest and most powerful companies in the world thinks is the future of technology. Making this year’s cut are lots of things you’ll probably want: rollable televisions, foldable phones, talking toilets, mini arcade cabinets, powerful gaming laptops, thunderbolt docks, tons ‘o robots – both loving and adversarial – and even a few controversies thrown in for good luck.

Will Nvidia play nice with rival AMD? Are we ready to trash our outdated 4G/4K devices already for the bigger, better future of 8K and 5G superspeeds? Will CES confront its outmoded views on feminine tech and its creators? Is the food at Pepcom and ShowStoppers really that good? You’ll have to listen to find out – which you totally should!

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