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Cat Nigiri’s Caio Lopez Talks Necrosphere and Retro Platformers

Cat Nigiri’s Caio Lopez Talks Necrosphere and Retro Platformers

Nia chats with Cat Nigiri’s co-founder and designer about Necrosphere, retro games and ballet suits.

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Get ready to enter an adorable netherworld of cats and jetpacks as our own phantasmatic Nia Bothwell joins Caio Lopez, co-founder and designer of Brazilian game developer Cat Nigiri, to talk about Necrosphere Deluxe, recently updated up and ready to entice Switch and PS4 fans into its deceptively simple world of Agent Terry Cooper’s quest to return to the land of the living.

So, what do these two feline-fancying fans talk about? What DIDN’T they talk about! The retro nostalgia lovefest of Necrosphere get things started on the right foot, quickly segueing to the simple joys of easy-to-play platformers (and why the Switch is an ideal home for them), learning to program games from scratch, colorful cat logos (naturally), the importance of rescuing abandoned kitties, and many other things that have nothing to do with cats. Did we mention the ballet suits and jetpacks?

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