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The Best and the Rest: Movies We Loved and Hated in 2017

The Best and the Rest: Movies We Loved and Hated in 2017

The Popzara Team talk the best, worst, and most surprising (and disappointing) movies of 2017.

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2017 was a banner year for the movies, both on the silver and streaming screens. To help put a cap on things our own Ebert wannabe Nathan Evans is joined by Travis “Scripting Guru” Seppala, returning champ Carlos Menjivar, and – making her podcast debut – Annette Palmer to talk, cajole, and discuss their best, worst, and most interesting movies of 2017.

So what films made the final cut? You’ll have to listen to find out, but in a year jam-packed with comic book blockbusters (Spider-Man: Homecoming) and indie breakouts (Get Out), there’s plenty of room for genuine surprises (The Big Sick) to flat-out failures (Valerian: City of a Thousand Planets). Expect the unexpected. OK, maybe some choices are totally expected, too.

How could one of the worst movies ever made (The Room) inspire one of the year’s best (The Disaster Artist)? It was a breakout year for strong female roles, both in front and behind, the camera, with hits like Wonder Woman and Lady Bird. Did any single actor have a better – and more versatile year – than Hugh Jackman (Logan and The Greatest Showman)? And is it weird that two of the year’s most celebrated movies feature inter-species romances (Beauty and the Beast, The Shape of Water)?

Look for fun disagreements on marquee movies like Beauty and the Beast, Justice League, and Logan (all of which made both best and worst lists). After Bright, does Max Landis (son of John) have the talent to back up the hype? Would you believe not one, but two Pixar films made the year’s most disappointing lists? And, thanks to a bevvy of genuinely great adaptations (and one stinker), was this the year Hollywood finally started taking Stephen King movies seriously?

Of course, we couldn’t close without one final talk about the latest episode in a certain saga that’s much closer than a galaxy far, far away. So grab the popcorn and may the Force be with you – this ticket’s on us!