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Wrath of the Titans (Blu-ray)
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Wrath of the Titans (Blu-ray)

Despite sloppy pacing and a lack of direction, this mythological follow-up easily outdoes its predecessor, making for a fun old-fashioned adventure that shines on Blu-ray.

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While the classic 1981 version of Clash of the Titans will always be near and dear to me, the 2010 remake wasn’t as terrible as some might have you believe. It was also a box-office hit, and two years on we’ve got a proper follow-up that takes even fuller advantage of its Greek mythological roots to even greater action/adventure heights, and it does so with plenty to spare in Wrath of the Titans. It’s a sequel that tops its nostalgia-shackled predecessor with even more frenzied mythological action and adventure that benefits from the high-definition treatment that Blu-ray delivers.

While it suffers from some pacing issues and a serious lack of direction at times, it’s a fun popcorn movie in the truest sense. Movie master Chris Pandolfi also enjoyed the film theatrically back in March, as shown by the snippet below, and you can read his full review right HERE:

“The journey will inevitably include appearances by gigantic monsters and creatures of myth, including a family of hulking cyclopses, a two-headed fire-breathing beast with a snake-like tail, and the winged horse Pegasus. Persius will eventually have to gather Zeus’ thunderbolt, Hades’ spear, and Poseidon’s trident to form the ultimate weapon: The Spear of Triam, apparently the only device capable of defeating Kronos. And, of course, he and his companions will eventually find their way into Tartarus, which is fortified by a mindbending yet surprisingly solvable labyrinth. You see what I mean about this movie being fun? Like its predecessor, Wrath of the Titans is not intended to be taken too seriously. It was made strictly with entertainment in mind, and entertained I was.”

As with the original (remake) there’s a strange feeling of disconnection between seeing some of the impressive action sequences and the human drama, which is treated like filler at times, leaving a film that never quite knows what it wants to be. Still, I enjoyed the fantastic special effects and fun action scenes in Wrath of the Titans. I thought it was cool how Perseus had to fight his way through more classic Greek mythos creatures such as a chimera, a Cyclops, and even a minotaur thrown in for good measure. I found myself looking forward to whatever the next creature battle would bring in the film, as though playing a videogame and wondering who or what the next boss was. Sadly, there weren’t any giant enemy crabs.

Of course seeing all of this epic action is made even better on Blu-ray, as the 1080p high-definition picture brings out all of the crystal clarity and detail people have to come to expect from the medium. Here you’ll see every strand of fur flowing from the chimera to every crack and crevice on the minotaur’s horns. The DTS-HD 5.1 audio is just as detailed, making sure that every thunderous boom and roar from the monsters attempting to destroy the world, to every piece of dialogue is heard perfectly.

The special features area is a little light, but they should be enough to keep viewers busy after the credits roll. There’s three “Deleted Scenes” that total to about eleven minutes worth of footage that didn’t make the cut. The big extra here is “Maximum Movie Mode”, that allows viewers to choose between two separate modes of extras that appear while watching the film, the first being “Path of the Gods” that offers background information on all of the Greek mythology that’s shown as you watch the movie. The other option, “Path of Men”, shows off several behind-the-scenes footage along with interviews of cast and crew who discuss what went into making and filming certain scenes as they appear. These informative and entertaining clips can also be watched separately from the Maximum Movie Mode for those who just want to view them without having to sit through the movie again.

Despite suffering from sloppy pacing and a lack of direction, Wrath of the Titans is still a great action/adventure film that’s better than the original (2010 remake) film, and is clearly having fun exploiting its Greek mythological potential to the max. It’s an old-fashioned action adventure in every sense, one that prefers spectacle to everything else, with a whole stable of favorite creatures helping make this one of the more inventive monster flicks in some time. The set is a bit light when it comes to special features, but anyone looking for a solid fantasy should enjoy themselves, while undemanding fans are bound to find something to like here, as this Blu-ray will bring more excitement to your collection than you can shake a Pegasus at.

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