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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: The Best of Wubbzy, Vol. 1 (DVD)
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Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: The Best of Wubbzy, Vol. 1 (DVD)

Six parent-selected episodes make this DVD collection of the Nick Jr. animated series a fun and educational treat the whole family can enjoy.

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It’s extremely rare when entertainment companies let their customers choose what kind of products they release. But that’s exactly what Nick. Jr. had parents do, as they chose some of their favorite episodes via Facebook for inclusion in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Best Of Wubbzy Vol.1, which collects of six episodes of Nick Jr.’s Adobe Flash animated children’s TV show created by Bob Boyle.

With plenty of lessons to learn such as kindness and sharing, not to mention scores of fun and catchy songs sprinkled throughout (“You are the coolest!”), parents and their children are sure to have a great time in viewing some of the best episodes the show has to offer. After all, they voted for them!

Our main character Wubbzy loves helping his friends while also getting into adventures and learning a valuable lesson (or two) before the day is done. There’s episodes such as “Wubbzy the Star”, where he tries out for to be a dinosaur in a play but lacks the scary voice for it. With some help from his friends, they make a device to help him roar, though problems arise when the device breaks and Wubbzy has to discover a talent he’s good at to make up for his voice. Then there’s adventures like “Tooth or Dare”, where Wubbzy tells his friend Daizy all about the tooth fairy which makes her excited and anxious for the visit. Naturally, things don’t go as planned as the tooth fairy just so happens to go on vacation on the night Daizy is expecting it to come. When he learns of this, Wubbzy decides to impersonate the tooth fairy and pay his friend a visit, which leads to some of the most funny moments in the series.

There’s plenty of fun in the rest of the episodes, as well as interesting lessons that both kids and their parents can learn. From learning about dinosaur fossils, to showing compassion for others, families will enjoy the wholesome values the series contains. There’s also fun songs spread throughout the show that’s sure to have everyone tapping a foot. The visuals look pretty good for a DVD, as the Flash animation is clean and colorful as it should be, while the Dolby Surround sound makes sure that families hear every funny bit of dialogue and song perfectly. As far as extras go, there’s a bonus episode as well as music videos and some activity sheets that parents can print out for their kids on the disc.

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Best of Wubbzy Vol.1 is a gentle, wholesome treat that parents and their kids are sure to enjoy, especially since the six episodes collected here were chosen by parents themselves. There’s plenty of lessons to learn and fun adventures to be had throughout, as well as catchy songs to learn between Wubbzy and his colorful friends. The Flash animation looks great even in standard-definition, and parents will also appreciate the nice bonus features that help bring the fun off the screen and into real-life scenarios. If you’re looking for some family-friendly fun to keep the children happy while also providing some quality edutainment, this DVD comes highly recommended.

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