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Up 3D (Blu-ray)
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Up 3D (Blu-ray)

Pixar’s classic soars to new heights in this 3D Blu-ray, packed with features and a gorgeous high-definition transfer that all fans are sure to love.

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I’ll just say it: I love all of Disney/Pixar’s movies, but Up (along with Monster’s Inc. which Pete Docter also directed, as he did Wall-e) is one of my all-time favorites. It features that special kind of magic that comes with having loveable characters, a great story, and some beautiful visuals and music that make everything gel together to make it one of those rare near-perfect film for fans, families, and just about everyone else.

Up was one of the better 3D experiences during its original 2010 theatrical release, and now Disney/Pixar’s Up 3D comes to high-definition Blu-ray in this impressive 5-disc collection that truly does the classic adventure proud. The colorful visuals are more gorgeous and inviting, the beautiful score more soulful, and the bond between an elderly old widower and helpful little boy more endearing that ever. What a magical little movie this is.

Without giving too much of the amazing, emotional story away, a tragic set of circumstances leads the elderly Carl Fredricksen (voiced to perfection by the legendary Ed Asner) to get away from the increasingly fast pace life of his city, and go on a much-delayed adventure in South America. To do this, he decides to use hundreds of balloons coupled with some handmade rigs along the house to make his entire home fly there. After taking off into the skies, he soon realizes that a helpful eight-year old wilderness scout named Russell (voice by newcomer Jordan Nagai) is trapped outside on his front porch.

After letting the kid inside, the two slowly, but surely, become close friends and go on all kinds of adventures along the way to and when they reach South America. From meeting a talking dog (with the aid of an electronic collar) named Dug (hands down my most favorite Pixar character ever), to a huge female exotic bird that Russell names Kevin, to Carl meeting his adventurous childhood hero Charles Muntz (voiced by Christopher Plummer) that lives in the jungle wilderness, you have to see for yourself how all of these things come together and play out to make one of the greatest movies of all time.

Watching this amazing film on a 3D Blu-ray made the experience even more thrilling, as the detailed high definition visuals combined with the added depth of 3D really shines on key scenes throughout the movie. From watching Carl’s home take to the skies, to the climactic last moments of the adventure, Disney has done an impressive job enhancing an already great looking picture. The audio is also fantastic here, as the 5.1 DTS-HD sound makes sure that every funny and dramatic piece of dialogue, as well as every fitting sound effect and Michael Giacchino’s lovely Academy Award-winning score is heard loud and clear.

There’s also a slew of extras to keep viewers entertained long after the film ends. My personal favorite out of the bunch is a short made for the home release of Up titled “Dug’s Special Mission”, which shows how our favorite talking dog came to meet Carl and Russell in the first place. I really got a kick out of it and wish that was a little longer, as it seems to end before you know it. Of course there’s the usual suspects of extras such as audio commentary, behind the scenes features, deleted scenes and more that are sure to please fans of special features.

Up is one of my favorite movies of all time, and it’s great that Disney/Pixar would share their wonderful and appropriate 3D treatment on Blu-ray. That the animation is stunning and the cast is impeccable isn’t surprising – this is a Pixar masterpiece, after all. But to say anymore would ruin a great movie for those who’ve yet to experience it for themselves, but believe me when I say this is truly a magical film that any and everyone will instantly fall in love with. With a cast of amazing, loveable characters, a simple yet fantastic story, and beautiful visuals and music, this is a must have Blu-ray treat that will have your family’s spirits soaring like Carl’s balloons.

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