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Transformers Armada: The Complete Series (DVD)
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Transformers Armada: The Complete Series (DVD)

Everyone’s favorite sentient robots return in this 8-disc DVD collection of the complete Transformers Armada series.

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There’s no denying how popular the Transformers are, in both the past and now again in the present. I’ve been a big fan of the franchise since day one in the 80’s, and have tried to keep up with the latest incarnations of it as best I could. One that got by me though was the 2002-2004 series of Transformers Armada, which Shout! Factory has collected all 52 episodes of it in the 8-disc Transformers Armada: The Complete Series DVD set.

While I personally feel it’s a pretty good show in its own right, die-hard Transformers fans may feel otherwise.

Featuring its own rebooted storyline and universe, the show has three teens named Rad, Carlos, and Alexis discovering a buried spaceship which contains smaller, dormant Transformers called Mini-Cons. Not long after the teens accidentally activate them, the good Autobots and the evil Decepticons follow the Mini-cons’ signal to earth, with both wanting to claim their power of unlocking extra transformation abilities and more. As the series goes on with the Autobots looking out for the teens, both factions learn little by little in their fight to collect the Mini-cons, that the small bots are linked to an old and powerful being who is slowly but surely heading to earth to reclaim them by any means necessary.

Featuring a mix of cel-shaded CG with a bit of anime, the series looks pretty good for the most part. After watching a few of the earlier episodes, I could see the show falling into a predictable but fun fight of Autobots vs Decepticons action with a little bit of a Pokemon-like vibe thrown in (gotta catch all the Mini-cons). It would’ve been nice to have some of the original voice cast from the 80’s series to return here, but the actors fit the bill nicely for the most part, especially with Garry Chalk reprising Optimus Prime after voicing Optimus Primal in the Transformers: Beast Wars series that came just a few years before this show.

Shout! Factory has done a pretty good job bringing the show to DVD. The visuals and audio hold up well here, as everything looks and sounds as it should. Sadly there’s a lack of any kind of extras or special features, making this a bare-bones release. It would’ve been nice to have some interviews with the cast and crew, some behind the scenes or making-of the series clips, and more. But the 52 episodes here should keep those who watch them busy for quite some time.

Transformers Armada: The Complete Series DVD might not be the best in the coveted franchise, but it’s still a good entry that is definitely worth watching for diehard fans. While it’s a shame such an expansive set lacks any kind of extras and special features, this 8-disc, 52 episode series will keep any who watch entertained for a long time. Die-hard fans will most likely pass on this, but if you’re fan that’s open-minded, you’ll want to transform and roll out to add this to your collection.

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