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The Pirate Fairy (Blu-ray)
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The Pirate Fairy (Blu-ray)

Disney returns its Peter Pan spin off series to the high seas in The Pirate Fairy.

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It seem as Disney can do no wrong with its Tinker Bell spin off movies from the world of Peter Pan, as ever since the first installment that was released in 2008, they have made great entertainment for the whole family. Now the series returns for some high seas action in its sixth entry, The Pirate Fairy. Which has plenty of action and adventure, along with great voice actors that fit their parts perfectly, with some fun songs and special features to round out the package.

Instead of focusing on Tinker Bell and her friends right from the start, the franchise introduces a new fairy by the name of Zarina (voiced by Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks). She’s a dust keeper fairy in Pixie Hollow who rarely listens to those in charge and wishes to explore all of the magical things pixie dust can do. She begins to experiment with different combinations of dust and elements in secret, but one day something goes wrong and her experiment destroys some of Pixie Hollow. Feeling terrible for what she’s done, she runs away and soon joins a band of pirates, never to be part of Pixie Hollow again. A year later, Zarina returns with her pirate buddies (including a cabin boy who will become a major character in the Peter Pan universe voiced by Tom Hiddleston) and steals the all important blue dust from Pixie Hollow which all fairies there need to live. It then falls on her Tinker Bell and her friends to get back the dust and possibly get Zarina to see the light, but it won’t be easy after Zarina uses some of her experimental dust to swap Tink and her friends fairy talents, forcing them to learn each others abilities if they wish to save the day.

I’ve only seen one or two of the Tinker Bell films, but I have to say this one seems to be the best of them so far. Guys don’t have to feel bad or ashamed for watching and enjoying the movie (not that you should about anything you like), as it clearly isn’t focused on being only for girls, with plenty of action and adventure for anyone to enjoy. The songs, along with the characters and voice actors behind them were spot on, especially from Christina Hendricks and Tom Hiddleston. And with Disney doing what they do best with presenting this in high definition on Blu-ray, everything looks and sounds perfectly as it should.

There’s also quite a few special features to check out after the blue pixie dust settles. “Second Star to the Right: The Legacy of Never Land” has some of the crew behind the movie talk about how the classic 1953 Peter Pan film inspired them to make The Pirate Fairy. “Croc-u-mentary” is a nice educational piece of crocodiles, where most of them are located, the differences between crocs and alligators, and more. There’s also a featurette with Tom Hiddleston and Carlos Ponce going over their recording sessions for the film and the song “The Frigate That Flies”, some deleted scenes, animated shorts, and sing-alongs to round out the extras.

I thought The Pirate Fairy was an enjoyable romp through the world of Peter Pan that I’m sure anyone can get into and enjoy. With a great cast of characters along with spot on voice acting, some fun songs, and plenty of extras, this is one Blu-ray for your collection where the only dust it’ll collect is pixie dust.

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