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Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall (S02E03) Review
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Sherlock: The Reichenbach Fall (S02E03) Review

Sherlock ends its second season on a high note with one of the most intense, exciting, and emotional episodes yet.

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Sherlock season two comes to a stunning end with The Reichenbach Fall, inspired by the original story “The Final Problem”. When Holmes’ greatest enemy Moriarty returns, the two must match wits to solve a ‘final problem’ that plagues them both, leading to a sacrifice that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats long after the show is over.

Just when I thought Sherlock couldn’t get any better, along comes one of the show’s best episodes in the second season finale The Reichenbach Fall. It’s told in one of my favorite styles, in medias res, or where the start is actually the ending as we’re treated to Watson seeing a therapist about the supposed death of Sherlock Holmes. Afterwards, the show goes three months into the past when James Moriarty decides to make good on his words from the end of the last season finale by breaking into London’s greatest prison, bank, and museum all at the same time. He proceeds to let himself get caught, furthering his grand scheme to ruin Holmes’ reputation and name, which drags both Sherlock and Watson down a spiral of madness and confusion.

Threatening to kill his friends unless he dies, Moriarty pushes Holmes to his very limit, but only he can stop Moriarty’s plan and expose him for the evil man he is. But how and at what cost?

I know some fans might be disappointed that there wasn’t a huge fight at the end like in the original “The Final Problem” storyline – to which this episode gets its title – but don’t think for a minute that the climax isn’t intense. I thought it was pretty cool how everything in Holmes’ life began to unravel little by little, and how people were being killed right in front of him while being helpless to do anything about it. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman really get to put their acting to the test near the conclusion, which is by far the most emotional yet in the series. And Andrew Scott does a marvelous job as the insane, but deliciously evil genius Moriarty. This is one intense episode that you just have to see for yourself, as anything more would be giving it away.

This season finale ended like I thought it would and then some, which like season one leaves me wanting more and wondering how the next will one will turn out. Fans are in for a real treat here, but will no doubt be left with many unanswered questions and mixed feelings until next season. If it’s anything like these past two, then we’re in for some more fun and exciting Sherlock stories in the future.

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