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Planes 3D (Blu-ray)
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Planes 3D (Blu-ray)

Disney’s Planes takes to the 3D skies in their spin-off film set in Pixar’s Cars universe.

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Seems like it was just yesterday when I was watching Cars 2 and I saw the preview for Disney’s Planes, a spin-off movie that was set above the world of Cars and was looking to be released straight to video. But they decided to take the film and give it a theatrical run instead, where it did pretty well. Now a few shorts months later, we’ve come to the 3D home video release with the Planes 3D Blu-ray, a loveable movie that is sure to make families feel like they’re soaring into the clouds.

The story follows our hero named Dusty (voiced surprisingly well by Dane Cook) who is a lowly cropduster that dreams of being a racer and competing in “Wings Around the World” race, where the best planes around race to see who’s the best. But thanks to a fear of heights and not being in the best racing shape, those dreams look to be far out of reach. A local World War II legend named Skipper Riley (voiced by Stacy Keach) learns about Dusty and his dream, and teaches him some skills that allow him to enter and qualify for the race, which is a seven legged tour around the world that starts in New York and goes to Iceland, Germany, India, Nepal, China, Hawaii, Mexico, and back. Here Dusty will have to go up against three-time champion Ripslinger who will do whatever it takes to keep anyone from taking his championship. Of course this makes for plenty of drama and adventure as Dusty also makes some friends along the way such as Bulldog (voiced by John Cleese), El Chupacabra, and possibly find love with a lovely plane name Ishani (voiced by Priyanka Chopra).

I had fun watching Planes, as Dane Cook did a really good job showcasing Dusty’s humility that makes you get behind the character 100%. Stacy Keach was also great as his role is a lot like Paul Newman’s Doc Hudson in 2009’s Cars. I thought Brad Garrett as Dusty’s gasoline truck buddy named Chug was a fun character, as he plays out like this movie’s Tow Mater. Another treat was hearing Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards play two of the Ripslinger’s henchmen, as this is about as close as it gets to a Top Gun sequel for them.

Disney has done an amazing job with the transfer of the film to Blu-ray as always. And thanks to this, the 3D here looks pretty great. While it may not be used as well to make things pop out at you as in some of their other releases, the added depth is really well done and makes you feel like you’re flying high with the characters. The audio is also just as great, as every sound and song come in perfectly clear.

There’s also plenty of cool extras to keep viewers in the clouds long after the flight ends. Some of the ones that stick out are “Franz’s Song”, which is a musical number that the Volkswagen named Franz was supposed to sing, but was sadly cut from the film. The awesome thing here is that the song is shown with fully completed animation, and some just some storyboard pictures like most deleted scenes would have. “Klay’s Flight Plan” has director Klay Hall taking his two sons around the aviation museum, as well as telling them about their grandfather’s interest in aviation and taking them on plane rides. Also producer Traci Balthazor-Flynn and writer Jeff Howard share their inspirations for making the movie. There’s also some “deleted scenes” and more behind the scenes extras to check out as well.

While it might not be one of the best Disney entries out there, Planes 3D is still a loveable, fun movie that every family is sure to enjoy. With a great cast and story, awesome characters, beautiful 3D visuals, and some nice extras, this is one title you’ll want to let soar into your heart as well as your Blu-ray collection.

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November 19, 2013

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