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Paw Patrol (DVD)
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Paw Patrol (DVD)

Nickelodeon releases one of their latest and greatest series on DVD featuring nearly two hours of action and doggone fun in Paw Patrol.

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I just so happened to be flicking through the channels one day last year and saw that Nick Jr. had acquired a new show called Paw Patrol. Something about it just caught my attention, possibly the cute and clean artwork, the stories packed with thrills, fun and even a smidge of drama, and more than set it apart from a typical children’s show. I think it was all of those things that really drew me into it, and now the series finally makes its way to DVD in the self titled Paw Patrol DVD.

Featuring some simple but nice looking CG, the series follows six heroic puppies named Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye, with a tech-savvy 10-year-old boy named Ryder looking after and leading them on missions to help those in trouble. To help them do this, each pup has their own specialized vehicle and backpack that can perform unique abilities that are tailored to each of their skills. Such as Marshall the firedog having a firetruck-like vehicle that can transform to extend a ladder or use his pack to make a water cannon to put out fires, or Skye who uses a mini helicopter to reach things the other pups can’t get toor to get a bird’s eye view of a situation. Each pup brings something cool to the table in terms of both skills and personality that keeps things fresh for both kids and their families as they watch.

Packed with ten episodes that runs for nearly two hours of adventure, this DVD showcases some of the pups greatest episodes, such as “Pups Save the Sea Turtle” where the gang has to find a way to guide some newly hatched sea turtles to the ocean while keeping them safe from cars, people riding skateboards, seagulls and more. “Pups and the Very Big Baby” has the team trying to get a beached baby whale back into the ocean and reuniting her with her mother, and the other eight adventures on here are just as exciting and sure to keep viewers glued to the TV. As with most of their latest DVD releases, Nickelodeon hasn’t placed any special features on here, but there is little need for any since the disc is jam-packed with content already. At least the audio and visuals are well done and come in as clean as a DVD will allow, and being presented in a widescreen format is always a bonus in my book.

Paw Patrol is a really fun and awesome show for both kids and older viewers alike. With a fun cast of characters, exciting stories, and cool looking CG artwork that’s easy on the eyes, there’s a little something for everyone who watches. If you’re looking for something new for the whole family to enjoy, this is one DVD you’ll want to get your paws on.


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