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Super Troopers 2 (2018)
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Super Troopers 2 (2018)

A complete debacle, both as a film and a failed attempt at stoner comedy that’s well past its sell-by date.

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In Super Troopers 2 we find our hapless troopers a bit down on their luck, missing their job on the highway patrol from which they were fired after a mishap that occurs before the movie begins. Their luck changes when Governor Jessman (Lynda Carter) comes by to inform them that a small piece of land originally thought to be part of Canada may actually be in the United States. The Governor decides to give them a second chance at doing their old highway patrol jobs in the newly acquired small town, promising that if they can do a good job she might consider making their positions permanent.

Excited by the opportunity, the troopers head out with gusto, completely unprepared for the unwelcoming committee they are about to endure from the recently displaced Canadians. Lead by Captain O’Hagan (Brian Cox), the troopers set up their headquarters in a run-down cabin off the interstate in attempt have a smooth transfer of power.

As you can imagine, however, this setup leads to many interesting developments that a proper stoner comedy promises, including a drug trafficking ring in which the troopers take it upon themselves to figure out the culprit. While the setup should be a no-brainer, this raunchy comedy was neither funny nor heartfelt. Unless you consider shooting a bald eagle out of the sky with an AK-47 funny or being handcuffed to a bench by co-workers threatening to shave your private parts heartfelt.

It’s been a long sixteen years since the original Super Troopers became a cult classic, at least on DVD, and the news isn’t pretty. What may have been fresh back then just hasn’t aged well, and what isn’t recycled feels incredibly stale. Between lame jokes and attacks on wildlife come off as cheesy, cliché and predictable. To say the main cast was wholly unlikeable and missed the mark by a long shot would be an understatement and giving them too much credit.

Writer/director and star Jay Chandrasekhar, as well as fellow writer/actors Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stohanske obviously were going for big screen funnies but clearly didn’t see just how badly many of the jokes misfired. Yes, it’s the same herb-laced humor of the original film – just well beyond its sell-by date.

The only reprieve was Rob Lowe, playing the Mayor. Both his acting and portrayal of his character felt honest and refreshing. Marisa Coughlan and Emmanuelle Chriqui also made several appearances and, in my opinion, were much more pleasant to endure than their leading male counterparts. It’s worth noting the supporting characters have more of a story arc that was easier to follow than the jibber-jabber hodgepodge shenanigans the troopers always seemed to find themselves in.

Super Troopers 2 is a complete debacle, both as a film and a failed attempt at stoner comedy. Those looking to get some heartless jollies for a few hours in a dark theater may find the laughs they’re looking for, but even that’s a stretch. Curiously, this sequel was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, meaning it owes its existence to the support of fans who chipped in. I could think of several ways they might’ve spent their hard-earned cash – not that I’m suggesting certain greener pastures (if you catch my drift).

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