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Psycho-Pass: The Movie (2016)
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Psycho-Pass: The Movie (2016)

An even darker and more visually impressive take on the cyberpunk series.

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I have to thank the people at Funimation for sending over Psycho-Pass not too long ago, as I felt it was one of the best takes on the cyberpunk genre in awhile. Now the company has released a very limited run of the theatrical take on the series called, yup you guessed it, Psycho-Pass: The Movie. With plenty of violent packed action and bureaucratic catastrophes, fans of Ghost in the Shell will fit right at home with this one.

Taking place a few years after the events of the first season, Japan is still being controlled peacefully by a computerized system called Sibyl which monitors people’s mental state in order to determine if they’re likely to commit a crime. The special police who handle criminals that arise from this information use special guns called Dominators that can detect latent criminals and decide if they should be stunned or even killed on the spot. Enter Inspector Akane Tsunemori and her team as they do their best to keep their city safe while not losing their humanity in the process. This proves to be quite difficult when one of her old teammates is found working with some terrorists who seek to bring chaos and disorder to Japan’s seemingly perfect government. It’s up to her and the gang to stop this from happening, if they can find their way through all of the bureaucratic secrets and red tape first.

As with the series, I enjoyed watching this dystopian cyberpunk thriller play out. Anyone who enjoys police dramas and Ghost in the Shell will really like what they see here, as this movie mixes both into a nice blend. With it being a theatrical release, the artwork and especially the animation have been updated and make it a joy to watch thanks to all of the dazzling colors and details. The audio aspect is also well done here, as the English dub cast do a great job with their characters and the music fits the action perfectly. Speaking of action, things tend to get a bit gory here, so those who don’t have an iron will or stomach may want to get their cyberpunk thrills elsewhere.

Psycho-Pass: The Movie is a fun but extremely dark and violent romp into the world of cyberpunk and the dystopia that comes from bureaucratic interference. If you enjoy police procedurals and films such as Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner, you’ll want to equip your dominator and join the fight here. Just mind the blood and gore from getting on you as you do so.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell