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Who Gets The Dog? (2016)
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Who Gets The Dog? (2016)

A loveable comedy reminiscent of the fun kind from the 90’s.

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I find that every so often between all of the wild and weird movies that I watch, that it’s good to check out a fun, no-frills comedy. One of the latest titles I get to review is just that, with Alicia Silverstone and Ryan Kwanten starring in Who Gets The Dog?, which is a comedy film that brings some doggone fun laughs while also pulling at your heartstrings.

The story follows a couple named Olive (Alicia Silverstone) and Clay (Ryan Kwanten) who are hitting a massive rough patch in their six-year marriage. Despite Olive being a successful physician and Clay also doing well playing in the hockey league, they just can’t seem to make their life together work. So they decide to make plans for a divorce, but only one of them can have their baby…err…dog in this case named Wesley. This makes for quite a predicament as the last thing the two have in common is their love for the dog. What follows is a funny and drama filled comedy that also tries to show how stressful it is not only for Clay and Olive, but especially for Wesley and the trouble he makes that will bring them closer together or break them apart.

I found myself enjoying this movie quite a bit, as it reminded me heavily of low budget but awesome comedies of the 90’s such as Home Alone and Homeward Bound. As long as you don’t have high expectations and are just looking for a good way to spend to 90 minutes, you’ll enjoy it just as much. Kwanten and Silverstone play their roles well and manage to bring a few laughs and dramatic elements when need be. But the real star of the film is Wesley the dog, who is just loveable while causing all sorts of mischief for his owners and anyone else he comes across. Sometimes the movie will struggle with wanting to be an animal comedy to a drama about two people splitting apart, but those who stick with it will find a fun time to be had.

If you’re looking for something along the lines of a crazy, early 90’s comedy, you’ll have a howling good time with Who Gets The Dog?, as it has some nice laughs while also playing with your heartstrings. It may lose its way at times as it struggles to make up its mind to be a flat out animal comedy or heartfelt drama , but it barks up the right tree as a fun film for all.

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