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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F (2015)
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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F (2015)

The DBZ gang takes on the return of one of their greatest foes in a battle on the big screen.

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It’s good to know that Akira Toriyama is back on board in the latest releases of Dragon Ball material. From the previous Battle of the Gods film, to the new Dragon Ball Super TV series currently airing in Japan (soon to come stateside no doubt), he hasn’t missed a beat with some of the most beloved characters in anime history. Now we come to the newest big screen release of the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F movie, which plays out like most of the previous films (lots of talking and comedy at first, then action later) but it has enough of those classic DBZ elements to keep you cheering for our heroes and glued to the screen.

Taking place not long after the events in Battle of the Gods, Goku and his friends are off doing whatever they do when they’re not saving the world. Whether it’s training, raising a family or using super martial art skills to be a police officer, everyone is happy. Meanwhile some of Frieza’s loyal followers gather the Dragon Balls and summon the dragon to wish their evil master back to life. After putting his sliced up body back together and regenerating him into one piece, Frieza decides to exact revenge on Goku while training for the first time in his life to push his power to unknown levels. Months later after doing so, he comes to Earth with over a thousand soldiers to confront Goku, but instead finds only his family and friends as he’s off training on Beerus’ world with Vegeta. In typical DBZ fashion, the gang fights off the soldiers to buy time for the two of them to get back to Earth, which leads to one of the greatest battles in history that will push all of our heroes to the limit.

It goes without saying that I enjoyed the film, despite following the same old DBZ formula of dragging things out a little, the gang softening things up for Goku, etc. It was awesome seeing the old gang back together as always, and watching Goku and Frieza pushing their powers to crazy new heights. I’ll be honest and say the ending was a little anti-climatic, but there’s still plenty of action and fun to be had before that point. I also noticed that some of the characters fans know and love were missing (Mr.Satan, Buu, and Yamcha just to name a few), but hopefully they’ll make their way back into the next DBZ movie.

I was sent a Blu-ray screener of the film (thank you so much friends at Funimation and their PR), and watching it in high definition was a treat in itself. The digital artwork and animation was very clean and detailed, while the colors seemed to pop off the screen. The audio was just as great, as everything came through loud and clear, especially the familiar Funimation English dub crew who do a fantastic job bringing the characters to life.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F starts off a little slow at first, and the ending could’ve been a little better, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had watching the gang do its thing to save the universe one more time. Fans will undoubtingly have a good time seeing their favorite characters return to the big screen, while others may want to take a chance and get into the DBZ universe. Either way, anyone who watches will have a kamehameha-sized blast at the movies until the next film entry comes our way.

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