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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods (2014)
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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods (2014)

Goku faces an enemy so fierce, that it can only be shown on the big screen in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods.

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Like most anime fans, I’ve enjoyed Dragon Ball Z for as long as it’s been around in the states. While it does tend to “drag-on” most times, the cast and the stories are among some of the best in the history of anime. Now after a seventeen year hiatus from theaters (the live action US movie flop doesn’t count) Dragon Ball Z makes its long awaited return to the big screen in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods.

Fans will be happy to know that Battle of the Gods is taken straight from the original DBZ manga, which Akira Toriyama worked on himself. The result is the movie really does feel like a part of the anime series, which takes place not long after the Buu saga. While Goku and his friends are busy living life, training and getting ready for Bulma’s birthday party, the god of destruction named Beerus awakens after years of sleep and learns that Goku was the one who killed Frieza some time ago. Curious to meet and fight such a powerful being, Beerus travels to find Goku, while Goku also learns that Beerus is one of the most powerful beings ever and is also curious to face him. Any DBZ fan worth their salt already knows when these two powers collide that it isn’t going to be pretty. It goes without saying that it’s going to take everything Goku has, including finding a way to surpass his highest super saiyan level to stop Beerus or die trying.

It was fun seeing all of my favorite characters from the DBZ universe back together again, as it felt like meeting old friends you haven’t seen in awhile. The action, while not as intense as I was hoping it would be, is still pretty awesome and will pull those in who watch into it. As with most of the previous movies and anime series, there were a few parts of comedic filler throughout that’s bound to make most say “get back to the awesome fighting”, but it was still a welcomed sight as I missed the characters and their fun personalities. With it being made back in early 2013, the film uses high definition digital animation this time around, making  the visuals look very clean and colorful. There were a few moments of so-so looking CG effects thrown in while Goku and Beerus are fighting, but it’s nothing too bad that will take fans out of the action. It was also nice to hear the Funimation English dub cast return for another ride, as they still fit their characters like they should.

Comedic filler and so-so CG effects aside, DBZ fans are sure to love seeing their favorite characters back in action for one more ride in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. Those who love the franchise have already seen the movie for sure, but those who enjoy action whether it’s animated or not are sure to like this film as well, as it’s easily accessible to those who don’t know about the series. Here’s hoping that Goku will be powering up his Kamehameha attack on the big screen again sometime soon.


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