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Bling (2016)
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Bling (2016)

A low budget but fun animated film that anyone can and should enjoy.

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Being a fan of animation, I’m usually not hard to please when it comes to animated family films. That being said, I even tend to enjoy the low budget ones that most tend to turn their noses up at. One of the latest releases that falls into this category is the South Korean made movie titled Bling. While it might not be one of the best movies out there, it does have enough fun, action and even romance that anyone in the family can enjoy.

Sam (Taylor Kitsch) is a theme park mechanic who loves his job and the robot characters from the park who are also his best friends. What he loves even more is his childhood sweetheart named Sue (Jennette McCurdy) that he will do anything for. Thinking that getting the biggest and best looking ring for her will seal the deal between the two of them, he sets out on a quest to find the perfect one. Of course it can’t be that easy, as a supervillain named Oscar (Jason Kravits) decides to show up with an evil power ring that gets mixed up with the one Sam wants for Sue. So it’s up to him and his robot friends to get the real ring back and save the world, all while trying to get Sam and Sue together at last.

For an obscure, low budget movie, I actually found myself enjoying Bling. Granted the so-so voice acting and overall appearance/feel of the film won’t appeal to some, but those who give it a chance will find a fun time to be had here. The comedy throughout is also a bit of hit and miss, but more times than not the movie made me laugh, especially with the likes of Tom Green, Jon Heder, and Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob fame thrown in the mix. The animation is pretty well done, but the artwork looks a bit funky as most of the people’s faces and noses look a bit off. Some may find it adds to the movie’s cartoon-like charm though.

Families who are looking for a neat film to check out at the movies will want to give Bling a chance. It might not look like much at first or even second glance, but thanks to a fun cast of characters and the crew that brings them to life (especially the comedic stars of the cast) and a different take on a love story, this is some bling you won’t mind your whole family wearing, or should I say watching in this case.

About the Author: Chris Mitchell