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Anger of the Dead (2016)
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Anger of the Dead (2016)

Has enough undead action to keep viewers from losing their cool – just as long as they keep expectations low.

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Here we are at the start of a new year, and the zombie movies are slowly making their way to us from late last year. The latest one that just strolled up from a lengthy shamble is Uncork’d Entertainment’s Anger of the Dead. Produced by the infamous Uwe Boll, it might not give most zombie flicks a run for their money, but there’s enough thrills, chills and spills of guts to warrant a sit through for any fan of the undead.

Serving as a reboot/remake of writer/director Francesco Picone’s 2013 short of the same name, this film version stars a pregnant woman named Alice (Roberta Sparta) who is making her way through a zombie infested not-too-distant future as best as she can. As she tries her best to find a safe haven from the zombies and the virus that caused them, she runs into two guys named Steven and Peter (Marius Bizau and Michael Segal) who are also looking for an escape from the horror. Meanwhile there’s a mysterious woman (Desiree Giorgetti) who has been tortured badly by a group of some shady individuals. After she escapes, it isn’t long until a scary guy named Rooker (Aaron Stielstra) begins to hunt her down. Of course all of these characters will cross paths and be put the test to make it out alive, or risk becoming the undead or worse.

While most zombie fans will not be impressed with this movie at first glance, if you go in without any expectations and watch it for what it is, some decent entertainment, then you just might get a few thrills from it as I did. The acting is surprisingly good and the zombies aren’t your typical slow and stupid kind either, making a scary situation even worse. There are a few parts where things slow down, but if anyone has watched AMC’s The Walking Dead (which this movie tries to be like, right down to the opening credits), then you’ll already know the slow bits actually turn out to be some of the best.

It’s hardly the best zombie flick out there, or even a great one, but Anger of the Dead shows a lot of promise for a low-budget production and is pretty enjoyable – as long as you keep your expectations low. The acting, story and special effects are just enough to keep any viewer into the zombie madness entertained, and is sure to have those who give it a chance looking forward to writer/director Francesco Picone’s next work.

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