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Abominable (2019)
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Abominable (2019)

An insanely adorable animated Bigfoot adventure full of heart and laughs.

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A magical, humming Yeti escapes from the high-tech facility where he’s being held captive by rich collector Burnish (Eddie Izzard) and his scientist employee Dr. Zara (Sarah Paulson). The Yeti gets into the city and hides on a rooftop. The rooftop of the building where young violinist Yi (Chloe Bennet) lives. Mourning the death of her father, Yi spends all her time working a variety of odd jobs so she can go on a trip through China that her dad promised to take her on before he died.

While spending time on the roof, Yi discovers the hurt Yeti (who she names Everest) and binds his wounds. Once she discovers he just wants to go home to Mount Everest and is being hunted by an organization, she decides to help him get home – even though it’s thousands of miles away.

Yi and Everest are accompanied on their country-trotting journey by her friends Peng (Albert Tsai) and Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor). This ragtag group is followed across rivers, forests, mountains, and desert as Everest performs unbelievable magic to aid them in their escape. Yes, it’s a familiar scenario, but it totally works here.

The latest in what feels like a never-ending stream of Bigfoot-themed films, Abominable is an insanely adorable animated film full of heart and laughs. It’s also got crazy intense (albeit child-friendly) scenes of action and stunning visuals. Written and directed by Jill Culton (Open Season, Monsters Inc.), this is that rare DreamWorks film on par with most Pixar classics. She’s come a long way from Open Season!

The voice acting is on point, the animation is gorgeous, the scope of the story and the imaginative visuals are unexpected and a breath of fresh air. I laughed (a lot), I cried (a lot), and I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. This is easily my favorite movie currently in theaters and it deserves much more than the minimal turnout it’s been getting.

I imagine that audiences are mistaking this for any of the other animated Bigfoot movies that’ve been out and about. I mean, wasn’t Smallfoot less than a year ago?

I can’t stress enough how much you need to see Abominable. Yes, I realize there’s tons of other Bigfoot movies you could see – but this is a simple, heartfelt movie without a lot of twists. Save your cash and spend some time with Everest the Yeti instead. Admittedly, the middle part slows down somewhat and can feel sluggish, but then it gets right back on track and pulls you in wither either action or a tear-jerking magical moment. This is a movie that deserves to be soon, and you deserve to see it!

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