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A Very Murray Christmas (Netflix)
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A Very Murray Christmas (Netflix)

A great cast and fun songs make this Murray themed special a new holiday classic.

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I’ve been a huge fan of Bill Murray for as long as I can remember. From growing up with him during the last parts of his Saturday Night Live run, to the infamous classic Ghostbusters, he’s always been a nice part of my childhood. I’m so glad to know he hasn’t faded away and is still just as big as ever, if not more so thanks in part to his role in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation in 2003.

Now the two team up once again along with Netflix to bring us the nearly hour long A Very Murray Christmas, which features a lively and fun cast along with great songs and musical numbers that is sure to become mandatory viewing for adults during the holidays.

Bill Murray stars as the best role he always plays, himself, as he’s set to do a live Christmas Special from the Carlyle Hotel during one of the worst snowstorms in New York City’s history. Depressed because of this and the lack of any guest stars or an audience for that matter, he storms off the set and prepares to have a bad Christmas. Things take a turn for the better when he begins to run into celebrity friends such as Chris Rock, Michael Cera who plays a manager trying to snag Bill as a client, David Johansen (aka Buster Poindexter) as a bartender, Amy Poehler who tries to cheer Bill up, Maya Rudolph, Rashida Jones and more.

Soon Bill and his friends are singing the Christmas blues away with the help of Paul Shaffer and a piano that’s conveniently around whenever they need one, as they mingle in between songs while sharing some laughs and drinks along the way. Without spoiling anything, things really take a wild but fun turn when George Clooney and Miley Cyrus come along near the end and bring a unique finale to this amazing special.

Watching A Very Murray Christmas is one of the best times I’ve had on Netflix this year or just using the service in general. This special feels like a spiritual successor to Bill Murray’s 80’s Christmas classic, Scrooged, especially with David Johansen in the mix who also starred with Murray. I loved how this really threw me for a loop as I was expecting it to be a mellow musical along with Murray’s trademark deadpan humor. While some of that is featured here, it’s the awesome chemistry between Bill and the cast who are obviously having a good time on and off the set, along with the moving songs that bring this holiday treat to life. From the music band Phoenix playing some chefs who jump into the musical festivities with a song, to Maya Rudolph and Rashida Jones showing off their amazing vocal talents, this show is easily an instant classic.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an hour during the holidays with some older friends and family, A Very Murray Christmas is the way to do it. A fantastic cast and awesome musical numbers make this an instant classic for the holidays or just anytime you want to feel good. I can only hope Murray and Sofia Coppola put their talents together again soon for another project that’ll be just as much fun as this one.

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