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Monsters, Inc. Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray)
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Monsters, Inc. Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray)

Pixar’s classic animated film goes 3D with a monstrous 5-disc Blu-ray set packed with bonus features and an amazing HD video transfer.

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Everybody’s favorite loveable monsters are back in 3D in Disney/Pixar’s Monsters Inc. 3D, now scaring up fun on this outstanding 5-disc Blu-ray set. With a beautiful video transfer enhanced with 3D, a great story with fun characters, along with a tons of extras that includes some new to this release, this is one monster of a Blu-ray set that anyone will enjoy. It’s worth noting that this version is based on last year’s winning theatrical re-release, so if you’ve already had the pleasure of seeing that version you’ll be familiar with this new print of Pixar’s classic.

My fellow reviewer Chris Pandolfi also enjoyed seeing this re-release in theaters last year, and here’s a snippet of his thoughts on it just below, and you can check out his full review HERE:

“In some ways, I appreciate this movie more now than I did in 2001, at which point I was only eighteen years old. Consider, for example, the fact that the monster city’s most popular sushi restaurant, Harry Hausen’s, is named after special-effects wizard Ray Harryhausen, known for claymation monster characters in films like Jason and the Argonauts and the original Clash of the Titans. I also hadn’t yet caught onto the now obligatory practice of casting John Ratzenberger in secondary roles, some more prominent than others. In this case, he voices a yeti eager to share snowcones with Mike and Sulley after they had been banished to the Himalayas.”

For those who’ve yet to see it, the story revolves around a universe where monsters live parallel to humans in their own world. They can only access ours through the closet doors of small children, and scare them to harness their screams as an energy source to power their world. This is where our two stars Sulley and Mike (voiced to comedic perfection by John Goodman and Billy Crystal) come in, as Sulley tries to break the record for most scares done by a monster, while Mike helps him by keeping track of the scares and energy he racks up. When the two accidently let a little girl they name Boo inside their world, it’s up to them to get her back home while keeping her hidden from all the other monsters there.

Just as in 2002, I really enjoyed myself watching again, as it still holds up great and will continue to do so in the years to come. Making things even better is the superb video transfer Disney has done here. Every vibrant color and detail shows up perfectly here, which enhances the 3D version of the movie even more. I love how the effect gave the film an added sense of depth and doesn’t come off as cheesy like most features do when they add 3D later. Another neat addition to the revamped visuals is the new 7.1 Dolby TrueHD audio, which is an upgrade from the 5.1 of previous video releases of the film. This makes sure that every funny line and sound, as well as Randy Newman’s amazing score come in crystal clear.

Those who like extras will find plenty to love on this set, as there’s a monstrous amount of them here. With so many to list I’ll just focus on some of the major ones, such as the audio commentary by Pixar members Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, John Lasseter, and Lee Unkrich. Here the guys talk about how they came up with the ideas for the movie, how they changed through the years before making the film and more. Listening to them is always a treat, as you can tell they really love what they do and it shows not only in their films, but in their voices as well.

One of the coolest new extras added on here is the “Toy Story Toons: Partysaurus Rex” short that was shown before the theatrical re-release. Here Rex from the Toy Story films throws a party with some lonely bath tub toys and becomes “Partysaurus Rex” in one of Pixar’s most fun shorts yet. There’s also other neat extras like behind the scenes stuff, outtakes, the original “For the Birds” short that was shown in front of the film back in 2001, and more to keep special feature buffs entertained for days.

Pixar’s Monsters Inc. 3D on this Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray takes an already near-perfect film and makes it even better in a way only the high-definition medium can. While I love all of Disney/Pixar’s films, one of my all-time favorite animated features has never looked or sounded better, and it was easy to fall in love with this masterpiece all over again thanks to one of the most feature-rich collections I’ve ever seen. Featuring fun characters, an awesome story and a great soundtrack, combined with the added depth of 3D and a ferocious amount of bonus features, this is one monster of a Blu-ray set that everyone in the family is sure to enjoy.

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