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Marvel Knights: Thor & Loki Blood Brothers (DVD)
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Marvel Knights: Thor & Loki Blood Brothers (DVD)

Crude animation and dull storytelling make this motion-comic adaptation of Thor’s villainous brother one for true diehard Marvel fans only.

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As with the previous Marvel Knight motion comics (especially Black Panther), Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers continues the lackluster tradition of bringing crudely animated comics to the small screen. While the animation here is better than most of the others, the insufferable dialogue paired with dull-as-dirt pacing will most likely put those who dare watch it into the Odinsleep.

Despite the misleading title “Thor and Loki”, this story really focuses on the duplicitous Loki, as it gives us a look into the internal motivations of why he despises his brother Thor so much, while also showing us flashbacks of happier times when the brothers were close. Viewers are treated to all of this as Loki captures his brother and locks him up in a dungeon to be killed later, though we all know that Thor will live in the end. This knowledge pretty much renders the whole film pointless, and only servers to make trying to watch this slow-paced, verboise piece even harder to sit through.

The visuals and sounds are well done for a DVD, technically speaking. While the picture looks as good as DVD quality can get, it doesn’t make it any easier to watch the so-so animation. To be honest, I feel the whole “motion comic” thing is starting to get a bit tiresome, as it would be nice if Marvel would just shell out the cash to make traditional animated films of their comics, instead of wasting time and money on lackluster budget projects like this.

At least there’s a pair of special features to help take your mind off the main feature, though they mostly just add to the shame of this release. The first is “Sons of Asgard: Looking Back at Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers”, that features interviews with with writer Robert Rodi and artist Esad Ribic about the creation of the comics and story. Next is an extensive behind the scenes look at the processes used to create the motion comic technique used to create this ‘animation’ style.

Marvel Knights: Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers tries its best to cash in on the blockbuster Thor film (at least its Blu-ray release), but falls way short in doing so. From the lackluster pacing and crude animation style, to the never-ending stream of dull, Shakespearean-like dialogue that would embarrass the Bard himself, only diehard Thor fanatics and those who enjoy Masterpiece Theater-style shows will enjoy this DVD. Marvel’s roster of superheroes (and villains) deserve better than the scattershot low-quality of these ‘motion comic’ releases, especially given the obscene amounts of cash the live-action films are raking in. Anyone else interested in Marvel’s mythological hero would be better off sticking with the recent live-action film, or just reading the comics instead of throwing yourself into this Hades of a mess.

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