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Kaijudo: Rise Of The Duel Masters: Dragonstrike (DVD)
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Kaijudo: Rise Of The Duel Masters: Dragonstrike (DVD)

While light on content, this Kaijudo starter DVD makes a good place for curious new fans to get acquainted with the hit animated series.

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Based off Wizards of the Coast’s (Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering) popular trading card game, Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters, returns to DVD in its second volume of animated adventure in Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters: DragonStrike. Featuring five episodes from the hit series, fans of Henry Gilroy and Andrew R. Robinson’s franchise are guaranteed to enjoy the content here, while possibly getting new ones caught up in the excitement.

The plot follows the adventures of a young boy named Ray, who along with his best friends Gabe and Allie have been chosen by powerful beings known as the Duel Masters to receive special powers called Kaijudo to help defend their dimension from the evil Choten. Kaijudo, or “The way of the Creature”, allows our young heroes to summon magical monsters from other dimensions to fight alongside them. But Choten and his minions have their own monsters to summon as well, and these five episodes show off some of the best the series has to offer.

Things kick off in the two part episode, “Into the Fire” where Ray, Gabe and Allie fight against a Kaiju monster that manages to pull Allie into the fire world where it came from as it leaves. It’s up to Ray and Gabe to venture into the fire dimension and rescue her. Then in the episode “Heavenly Creatures”, Choten sends some of his most powerful underlings to go into the world of light to retrieve the one final artifact he needs to take over our dimension. And picking up right after those events is the final two part episode “The Rising”, in which Choten is dangerously close to fulfilling his plans to rule all, and to make things worse for our heroes, he manages to take away their Kaijudo powers, leaving them without much hope of stopping him.

I thought Kaijudo was a pretty neat series after watching the episodes here. The animation, voice acting (Scott Wolf of Party of Five fame voices Ray) and story are very well done and drew me into the show. While it would’ve been nice to see the complete first season (preferably on Blu-ray as well, though I’m sure they’re working on it), the episodes here look and sound great. Sadly, the disc lacks any special features, but with nearly two hours of content it looks to have been pretty jammed-packed for a starter disc. There is a treat for fans and players of the card game though, as the DVD comes with an exclusive Herald of Infernus card from the Kaijudo expansion set Dragonstrike Infernus.

Fans of the popular card game and those looking for a fun and entertaining new animated series to watch are sure to enjoy the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters: DragonStrike. With only five episodes it could’ve used some special features (and hopefully a full season Blu-ray/DVD release soon), the solid animation and voice acting, along with a cool story and characters, makes this title a pleasure to watch for the young as well as those young at heart. Those who’ve outgrown the likes of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon, and the rest  would do themselves a favor to see what all the fuss is out.

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