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Jake and the NeverLand Pirates: Yo Ho Mateys Away (DVD)
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Jake and the NeverLand Pirates: Yo Ho Mateys Away (DVD)

Disney’s Peter Pan-inspired musical animated series is even beter on DVD, with new features and fun bonuses, pirate eyepatch included.

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Jake and his mates Izzy and Cubby ride the waves in their first-ever DVD in Jake and the NeverLand Pirates: Yo Ho Mateys Away. The set packs seven episodes of Disney’s popular Peter Pan-inspired animated series filled with fun songs and adventure on their pirate ship Bucky that younger children (and their pirate-loving parents) are sure to enjoy.

Ever since I first heard about the show on Disney Junior, I had always wanted to check it out, since I’m a fan of the classic Disney Peter Pan film. This series is just as fun and lighthearted, as it follows Jake, his parrot Scully, Izzy, and Cubby as they get into all sorts of fun and adventure in NeverLand. All while fighting off the mean, but silly Captain Hook and his loveable, but not-so-bright first mate Mr. Smee. This collection of episodes sees the gang traveling from swamps to jungles, while going on such quests as returning Captain Hook’s hat, and retrieving Izzy’s special polka-dot shell. Of course they’ll need your help in doing so, as with most popular children’s shows, they’re always asking the audience to help out and join in on the fun.

Since the show is fairly new, it looks and sounds fantastic on DVD. The picture is sharp and colorful, while the sound and songs are just as great. Even better are the neat special features and bonus materials that’s included with the disc. Included are the two bonus features “Yo Ho, You Ready To Be A Never Land Pirate?”, which shows kids how to dress, talk, and act like one of the Neverland pirates, with the other being “Pirate Party” that consists of songs and videos from the closing credits of each episode featured on the DVD. There’s a neat music CD included that features seven catchy songs from the show such as “Talk Like a Pirate” and “Aw Coconuts”.

Oh, and just in time for Halloween fun, or just any time kids feel like being a pirate and sailing the seven seas, there’s even a Neverland pirate eyepatch included.

Disney really has a neat little show here for younger fans, and Jake and the NeverLand Pirates: Yo Ho Mateys Away on DVD is a a great way to help fans and newcomers catch up with the first seven mini-episodes of this Peter Pan inspired musical adventure. While I’m not normally a fan of these abbreviated-season collections, I’m willing to make an exception as Disney has really packed the set with special features that really feel special, and with episodes that easily converted me from a curious onlooker to real fan. There’s even a NeverLand pirate eyepatch in there, too, and that alone feels a little bit like found treasure to me. If you’re parent looking for something fun to watch with the kids, or if you’re just a kid at heart looking for pirate adventure, then set sail for a retailer near you for

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