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Jackass 3 (Two-Disc 3D DVD / Blu-ray Combo + Digital Copy)
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Jackass 3 (Two-Disc 3D DVD / Blu-ray Combo + Digital Copy)

The Jackass crew return in their biggest, best, and most offensive collection of stunts yet. Grab the cheapie 3D glasses and join the fun.

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As twisted as it might sound, I’m a big fan of the Jackass crew. From their humble beginnings with their hit MTV show, to the two previous films, I enjoy seeing them trying to pull off crazy stunts and freak people out. After making a huge splash in theaters last year, Jackass 3 proved that the third time is definitely the charm, and that some things definitely get better with age as Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Jason “Wee Man” Acuña and the rest of the crew celebrate the first ten years of “Jackass” the only way they can; by pulling off some of their best, sickest, and most outrageous stunts yet. Just goes to show you that while they may be getting older, nothing keeps you feeling young like an bungee-corded outhouse.

I love how things started off with a short introduction by Beavis and Butthead telling folks about the 3D glasses that were at the theaters when the film was shown in 3D. It was good seeing them again in HD. And after a crazy slow-motion opening showcasing shameless 3D special effects, the crazy stunts and pranks begin. From putting crazy glue on their hands and pulling off guys body hair with it, to dressing up like an old man and making out with his fake granddaughter in public, these guys come up with some of the most insane stuff I’ve ever seen. Some of my personal favorites are the “Electric Avenue” scene, which had some of the gang running through a narrow hallway filled with taser guns, cattle prods, and wood beam barriers. Ouch.

Needless to say they got the crap – often literally – shocked out of them multiple times while doing so. There’s also another hilarious part where the gang’s resident ‘little guy’, Weeman, gets into a staged bar fight with another little person. This in turn leads to an outrageously funny group of little people dressed as the police and paramedics storming in to break up the ruckus, much to the confusion of the bar customers. There’s also a few cameo appearances from folks I wouldn’t expect to see in this film (including Beavis and Butthead), such as Rip Taylor, Mat Hoffman, and Spike Jonze who sit back and watch the craziness from the sidelines.

The special features are just as funny and awesome as the film itself. You can watch both cut and uncut version (hint: go for the uncut), which pushes the already outrageous stunts even further than what was shown in the theatrical version. There’s even four pairs of paper 3D glasses (yes, with the red and blue lenses) to help bring the 3D feel of the original home as best they can; it’s nowhere as immersive as polarized 3D, but it’ll do. The nearly half-hour “The Making of Jackass 3D” feature is a fun look at how they put the whole thing together, showing the planning and the horsing around that goes into bringing this chaos to the screen. The choice to make the film in 3D is discussed, as stars Steve-O’s sobriety and Knoxville’s dedication to his craft, the involvement of Spike Jonze, and the lasting legacy of Jackass.

There’s also the trailer for the film, sixteen-minutes of deleted scenes and a little over twenty-seven minutes of outtakes that are essentially more of the same stuff that’s in the movie, but with an emphasis on different angles and screw-up. They’re all presented in HD, which is something you might want to keep in mind if you plan on watching while trying to eat – let’s just say that you’ve been warned.

I really loved Jackass 3, which may end up being the best of one of the most offensive and hilarious ‘trilogies’ ever made. I went in thinking the guys were getting older and that we’ve seen it all before, but I was glad they proved me wrong. As with the previous two, this is the kind of movie that’s even better with a bunch of friends, especially those who’ve been following these guys as they’ve managed to avoid death over the past ten years of twisted Jackass stunts. The Blu-ray is packed with amazing features and bonus content, even going so far to include cheapie 3D glasses to make things even nastier. I’ve heard they’re even going to release even more extra footage as Jackass 3.5, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they still have one more feature film in them before they retire for good.

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