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Iron Man 3 (Blu-ray)
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Iron Man 3 (Blu-ray)

Robert Downey Jr. proves that third time’s the charm for sure as he takes up the suit of armor again in Marvel’s Iron Man 3.

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Iron Man has always been one of my favorite comic book heroes, and I was blown away how Robert Downey Jr. took the role and made it his own in the original 2008 film. After a somewhat disappointing sequel in 2010, Marvel finally returns to what made the original movie so good in Iron Man 3, which focuses more on the man instead of the suit.

My colleague Chris Pandolfi also enjoyed the film after experiencing it theatrically earlier this year, calling it “good-natured fun – an action and special effects extravaganza with an appropriately ludicrous plot that could only have come from the pages of the comic book that inspired it.” You can check out his full review for the film right HERE, and keep reading for my thoughts on this excellent Blu-ray release below.

Still suffering from having his mind and logic blown away after learning the existence of aliens who would try to destroy the earth in 2012’s The Avengers, Tony Stark focuses on more ways to fight off evil by designing more powerful and sophisticated Iron Man suits to protect those he cares about, mainly Pepper Potts who he finally admits to being in love with. Meanwhile, Tony’s past begins to catch up with him when a tech genius he blew off years ago named Aldrich Killian (played by Guy Pearce) comes back to haunt him with technology that turns a select few into super-powered beings who go around killing and spreading terror in the world. When Aldrich teams up with a middle eastern madman called The Mandarin (played wonderfully by Ben Kingsley), it’s double trouble for Tony as the two threaten to tear apart everything he holds dear, as well as the entire planet.

I really enjoyed Iron Man 3 and how they focused more on Robert Downey Jr.’s acting as Tony Stark instead of him just talking over his CG alter ego. The film really takes a nice turn after Tony is nearly blown to pieces and left stranded in the middle of a snowy nowhere town as he tries to repair his armor and get back into the fight. It’s here where the movie and Robert’s acting really shines as he teams with a kid who provides Tony with a place to stay while he figures out what to do next. Here you can tell that he’s suffering from post traumatic stress after the events in The Avengers, and it’s awesome seeing him trying to cope with it as he and the boy both help each other overcome their problems. Of course there’s some great superhero action spread thinly throughout the film, but it just serves as a bonus to the wonderful drama here.

As always, Disney has done a great job with the transfer of the film onto Blu-ray. The picture and sound is spot on, as everything looks and sounds as great as it possibly can, which serves to immerse viewers even more into the film as they watch. The special features also serve up some fun after the movie ends. There’s the usual audio commentary featuring director/writer Shane Black and co-writer Drew Pearce, some behind the scenes stuff dealing with some of the stunts in the film, deleted scenes, a gag reel and more. But the one extra I thought was cool is the “Agent Carter” short film that focuses on Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) from the 2011 Captain America movie, and how she becomes a high ranking member of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Fans of the previous films or those looking for a great drama mixed with some superhero action will enjoy Iron Man 3. Just when you thought he couldn’t make the character any better, Robert Downey Jr. takes Tony Stark to greater heights than ever before and that’s sure to excite viewers on what he’ll do next in the upcoming Avengers sequel. A fantastic film transfer, special features, and the Agent Carter short just sweetens the deal for fans, making this a must-have disc for your collection.

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September 24, 2013

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