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First Look: Cartoon Network’s Young Justice
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First Look: Cartoon Network’s Young Justice

Cartoon Network and Warner Bros team-up for the teenage superhero action of the Young Justice animated series.

I’m a sucker for any animated show based on comic books, especially those from the Marvel and DC Comics universes. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Warner Bros animation – who have been on a roll with their recent home video releases – were working on another DC Comics show in the same vein as Justice League, but with a younger cast. The show is called Young Justice, and after debuting in early January is fast becoming becoming one of Cartoon Network’s biggest hits. Even better, its absolutely deserves it. At least, so far.

Those worried that seeing favorite characters like Superman and The Flash reduced to whiny teenagers shouldn’t, as the show is going for a slight realistic approach with the series, as in making the teens not get along well at first, letting them decide on who’s the leader, slowly adding new members to the team, etc. This isn’t the artificial teenage ‘angst’ you’ll find in the countless Twilight clones and rip-offs (thank goodness), and they’ve even kept the trademark ‘moderate violence’ from its Justice League world intact. I was also happy to learn the team’s roster will change over the course of the series due to members dying or leaving the team, which could make for some interesting combinations and highly-anticipated cameos for future episodes; I think a lot of other animated comic shows could learn a thing or two from this series.

I’m really liking the new interpretations of the classic DC characters so far. There’s Aqualad, who’s now black in this series. I know there are a lot of fans didn’t like this, but I think its an interesting change. Plus, it will also be revealed later on in the show as to why he’s not he Aqualad from the comics. You got Robin who you would think would be the natural leader, but isn’t the case here. Then there’s Kid Flash, who, like his older namesake, has a quick mouth to match his speed. The Superboy on this series is actually a clone of the ‘real’ Superman created by some villains, so it’s nice to see a huge difference between him and genetic inspiration. He’s angry and short-tempered most of the time, but still has that inherent kindness buried deep in him. Lastly, there’s Martian Girl, the niece of Martian Manhunter (I thought he was the last of his kind?). She’s the cute, innocent / naive heart of the group, but can still kick butt when needed.

All in all, Young Justice is off to a great start and could really be something that all comic fans – especially those who can appreciate a little tinkering – should see out for themselves. Check out Cartoon Network’s official website right HERE!

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