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First Look: Cartoon Network and Adult Swim’s Eagleheart Starring Chris Elliott
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First Look: Cartoon Network and Adult Swim’s Eagleheart Starring Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott returns as the star of Cartoon Network / Adult Swim’s new live-action comedy-spoof, Eagleheart.

It’s been awhile since the world has heard from Chris Elliott. Too long, actually. For the first time since his lead television role in the cult-favorite, Get A Life, he’s starring as Marshal Chris Monsanto in Cartoon Network/Adult Swim’s new live-action comedy spoof, Eagleheart. The series is produced by Conan O’Brien’s production company, Conaco, and began airing on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block on February 3rd at Midnight. Aided by his sidekicks Brett (Brett Gelman, The Other Guys) and Susie (Maria Thayer, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and under the watchful authority of the Chief (Michael Gladis, Mad Men), Monsanto’s goal is always the same: to overcome the obstacle presented in the beginning of the episode, and doing it wearing the most hilariously bad blonde wig you’ve ever seen.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Eagleheart actually reminds me off the recent Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg action-comedy The Other Guys, while spoofing just about every television crime show ever, especially the Walker: Texas Ranger, Law and Order: SVU and the CSI types. To me, this is where the show really shines and mines its best moments, by slapping these cookie-cutter crime shows right where it hurts and making the characters do crazy, random things such as blindly kicking, punching or shooting their way into solving cases, rather than use problem solving skills / police work, etc.

To give an idea of just how crazy things get, one of episodes I saw involved a billionaire loser guy poisoning the men in town with a potion that makes them act creepy. Turns out he did this so he wouldn’t look like such a loser himself, as all the other guys would be bigger losers than him. Monsanto and his team burst into the billionaire’s home and proceed to fight against some hot ladies that are tricked into liking the billionaire, only to have him being defeated from a bite by one of his pet poisonous spiders. Yeah, the show is that crazy; it goes there.

If Eagleheart can keep its manic pace and crazy comedy up throughout its first season, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim just might have another success on their hands, and Chris Elliot could finally have the long-awaited comeback success that’s criminally evaded him for far too long. Some folks might write its crude-humor off quickly as being corny or stupid, but if you’re into crime shows, spoofs, and spoofs of crime shows, you’ll crack up at how on-target the show parodies and mocks them. And at just the right length of 11 minutes per episode, it does so without overdoing it. Fans of the channel’s other hit Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show should definitely make time for this one, as should the legion of Elliott fans who’s been waiting for his return.

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