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Dora’s Ice Skating Spectacular (DVD)
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Dora’s Ice Skating Spectacular (DVD)

Dora returns just in time for the holidays as she takes to the ice in her latest DVD release!

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Dora the Explorer has had many adventures in her lifetime, but none quite like this in her latest DVD entry, Dora’s Ice Skating Spectacular. Clocking in at just over an hour, this disc includes her special ice skating adventure along with two bonus episodes that are sure to leave viewers happy for the holidays.

Nickelodeon knows they have a great thing going on with Dora the Explorer, as she helps kids learn spanish, all kinds of skills such as math and puzzle solving, and social skills like teamwork to get things done. Now in her latest adventure, she will need all of those skills and more to stop an evil ice witch in Dora’s Ice Skating Spectacular.

In the main self-titled adventure, Dora and boots find their love of ice skating, but an evil ice witch takes away everyone’s skates along with theirs so that no one can enjoy it. It’s up to viewers to help Dora, Boots and a lovely Snow Princess get their ice skates back from the witch while making some new friends that will help along the way. Also included are two bonus episodes, the first “Catch that Shape Train!” has Dora and Boots making a train made of shapes for Boots’ sticker book. Things quickly get out of hand when the train goes rolling down the tracks without Círculo the steering wheel, prompting the two to go an adventure to find Circulo and save the train. In the second episode, “Dora and Perrito to the Rescue”, Boots accidentally falls into the big river and needs to be saved before he reaches a waterfall. Viewers will have to help Dora as she teams up with her talking Scooter and her puppy Perrito to save Boots before he goes over the falls.

As with all of her previous adventures, these episodes feature plenty of lessons such as puzzle solving and teamwork that parents and their children will enjoy. I found these three entries from the series to be quite well done, as they easily show how the series has evolved over the years by featuring more action and dramatic things taking place in the episodes. Nickelodeon has done a nice job with the transfer of the episodes on the DVD, as everything comes in nice and clear by DVD standards. Sadly there are no extras, but the episodes featured here should keep children entertained, who are sure to want to watch them again and again.

Dora’s Ice Skating Spectacular DVD is yet another fine entry into the franchise that parents and their children will love to add to their collection. With plenty of lessons to learn such as puzzle and problem solving, teamwork, and of course some spanish, this title is sure to please and make everyone happy for the holidays.

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November 5, 2013

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