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Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Butterfly Ball (DVD)
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Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Butterfly Ball (DVD)

Sure to entertain Dora’s many fans while showing newcomers – if they even exist at this point – what the popular series is all about.

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While I’m not a big fan of Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer, I can easily see why kids and their families would enjoy the show as I’ve flipped by it countless times on TV in the past. Featuring lively, colorful characters singing and teaching kids spanish and life lessons, there’s little not to like about it. Now Dora is back with yet another DVD release that runs a little over an hour in Dora’s Butterfly Ball. Despite lacking any kind of extras, fans of the popular kids show will enjoy her latest release, while newcomers can finally get a chance to see what made the series so famous.

Here Dora tries to make her way to the big Butterfly Ball along with her trusty friend Boots and a brand new friend they meet along the way named Mariposa (Spanish for butterfly). Our heroine and her group of friends will have plenty of fun and educational adventures using the map to get there while overcoming obstacles with the help of viewers…and Swiper the fox, of course!

The fun isn’t over after the episode is done, however, as there’s two additional bonus adventures included to help pad an overwise meager DVD out somewhat. In “¡Vamos A Pintar!” (Going to Paint!) Dora and Boots set off on an art-filled adventure to help their friend Daniela finish a mural she’s working on. There’s also “Feliz Día de Los Padres” (Happy Father’s Day), which sees Dora gets some help from her friends to get back a blown away kite she made for her dad.

For a DVD release, the colors and details come through really nicely here, while the Dolby stereo sound makes sure every song and victory trumpet is heard loud and clear. Sadly, the only real extra included is a sheet of stickers that kids are sure to enjoy placing on their favorite things. It’s not much, but who doesn’t love stickers?

While it may lack any extras, apart from cool stickers, Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Butterfly Ball is sure to entertain her many fans while showing newcomers – if they even exist at this point – what the popular animated series is all about. Two bonus adventures help keep the educational fun going after the feature is done, but that’s about it for bonus features on the DVD itself. Parents or fans looking for a short, sweet and inexpensive way to keep the kids busy for a full 70+ minutes, be sure to explore the family video section of your local store for this one. You’re sure to have a muy bueno time!

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