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Dora in Wonderland (DVD)
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Dora in Wonderland (DVD)

Dora and her friends put their own spin on a fairy tale classic in the Dora in Wonderland DVD.

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Nickelodeon has released numerous Dora the Explorer titles to DVD over the years, with some of the later entries being some of the best of this long-lived franchise for the preteen set. I may not be the target audience for this series, but I can still recognize a good thing when I see it and few animated series that aim to entertain/educate have been as successful as Nick Jr.’s pint-sized Latina heroine.

The tradition continues in her latest double length adventure, Dora in Wonderland, and even a bonus unaired episode in the Dora in Wonderland DVD, which features over an hour of entertainment that parents and their children are sure to love.

It seems like no matter how old you are, Dora and Boots along with their friends are always fun to watch. It’s pretty cool to see how the show has evolved quite a bit since it started over a decade ago. Now the gang is all back for a spin on a fairy tale classic in Dora in Wonderland. In this double length episode, Dora and her friends have to travel through a magic mirror when Abuela’s kittens go running through it. They soon find themselves in the crazy world of Wonderland where they will have to overcome all sorts of wacky obstacles to find all of the kittens and make their way back home.

After that adventure is over, viewers are treated to a bonus, unaired episode titled “Book Explorers”. Here Dora and Boots travel through some famous storybooks and help out some of the heroes in them, such as Peter Pan and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. I found both of these adventures to be pretty fun and entertaining to watch. I also like how they were both presented in widescreen, as I know most Nick Jr. stuff is usually released in the old school full-screen format. The video and audio quality is also pretty well done for a DVD, as everything comes in nice and clear.

And while the disc may lack any extras, the DVD does come with a Dora the Explorer paper doll along with different outfits you can place on her based on the episodes here that kids are sure to have a ball with.

Nickelodeon doesn’t skip a beat as Dora and her friends hit all the marks for fun in the Dora in Wonderland DVD. The adventures featured here are sure to entertain both kids and their parents as they watch, while a bonus paper doll will keep the kids busy during the show and after the disc ends. Fans of Nick Jr. shows and good family entertainment will be sure to add this magical time of a DVD to their collection.

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