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Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited S06E10 Mini-Review
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Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited S06E10 Mini-Review

Doctor Who’s sixth season gets one of its most emotionally charged, yet exciting adventures in the fantastic The Girl Who Waited.

It looks like things aren’t ready to settle down after last week’s creepy-dolls featuring Night Terrors, as Doctor Who once again takes viewers on an emotional and adventurous thrill ride in the latest episode, The Girl Who Waited. If you thought the Doctor, Amy, and Rory hit on rough times before, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve witnessed this story.

After going through some of the zaniest adventures in Who History earlier this season, the Doctor decides to take Amy and Rory to a vacation planet for some much needed rest and relaxation. As fate would have it, naturally, the whole place is under quarantine due to some deadly disease that can kill anyone (even the Doctor) within 24 hours. Things become even worse as Rory and the Doctor get separated from Amy, while she gets trapped in a parallel time stream that’s moving faster than the one they’re in. Throw in some creepy looking robots that use their hands to see things and want to “cure” Amy with medicine that will kill her, while Rory sets out to save her, only to find an Amy that’s 36 years older, and you have one heck of an episode on your hands.

The Girls Who Waited is, hands down, one of the most emotionally charged and tense adventures yet, as it really shows how far Rory’s character has come along throughout the series. I found it pretty cool to see this story focus mainly on his search to find Amy, seeing him get angry at the Doctor and blame him for everything that’s happened. Things become even more heated as the Doctor states that these are the risks to being his companion, to which Rory tells him he never wants to travel with him again. Then there’s the older Amy that hates the both of them for leaving her to fight off the robots while being alone for decades.

There’s also some insight into the darker side of the Doctor that’s shown here, as he forces Rory to make a choice based on pure logic that he himself has to apply at times in his time traveling adventures, which in most cases (and in this episode) don’t have a happy outcome.

On the lighter side of things, it was pretty neat seeing the older Amy (played by Karen Gillan in some pretty realistic looking prosthetic makeup) fight off the planet’s robots using a katana and a sonic screwdriver she somehow fashioned herself. It was also fun to see Rory trying his best to play the hero while being the Doctor’s eyes and ears via some special glasses he has to wear, and while also carrying around a gigantic magnifying glass-like device that allows him to see and talk with the younger Amy.

The Girl Who Waited is another fantastic stand alone story that’s filled with just the right amount of emotional drama and adventure that we’ve come to love about the show. While I said this episode really put a strain on our heroes, the next episode “The God Complex” looks to put even more of a damper on them. Written by Being Human’s Toby Whithouse, they find themselves, along with a few other people, trapped in some sort of hotel that’s constantly changing by a monster patrolling the halls. To spice things up, behind each door lies a nightmare that’s based on each of their fears, including the Doctor’s. Sounds like we should be in for a horror-filled treat, as it’s hard to believe we’re winding down to the last three episodes of the season.

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